Memory Fades

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med of beds of gravel a●nd clay resting on inclined strata of rock●, so that earth-slides would be the ■necessary result of any convulsion● like that of 1663. He adds that th●e evidence that such slides have ■taken place on a great scale is very distinct■ at various points along the river, especi■ally at Les Eboulemcns. Professor Sterr●y Hunt, whose intimate knowledge of Canadi●an geology is well known, tells ●me that the shores of the S●t. Lawrence are to a great ext●ent formed of beds of gravel and clay

●resting on inclined strata of rock, so that ■ earth-slides would be the necessary resu●lt of any convulsion li●ke that of 1663. He adds that the evidence tha

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t ■such slides have taken place on a grea■t scale is very distinct at va■rious points along the river■, especially at Les Eboulem●cns on the north shore. killed h■im with fright. He had scarcely streng●th enough to rejoin his companions, who, seei

ng■ his terror, began to laugh at him. One of t■hem, however, presently came to his s●enses, and said: “This is no● laughing matter; we are going to sell li■quor to the Indians against the prohibition■s of the church, and perhaps God ●means to punish our disobedience.” On this the●y al

l turned back. That night● they had scarcely lain down to ●sleep when the earthquake roused them, and t■hey ran out of their hut jus■t in time to escape being swall■owed up along with it. * With every

● allowance, it is clear that the con●vulsion must have been a severe one, and it ■is remarkable that in all Canada no●t a life was lost. The writers of the ■day see in this a proof that God m●eant to reclaim the guilty and